Magnolia Park Elementary Donors Choose Projects

Are you interested in helping fund projects that will benefit students at Magnolia Park Elementary in Ocean Springs, Mississippi?  Below you will find projects up for funding through

Touch and Go: A Project for Mrs. Wood’s Students

Students who engage in sensory activities have demonstrated improvement in: social interaction, concentration, focus , increase time on task, and improve classroom participation.

This will level the playing field with their peers.

We All Love Books!!!: A Project for Mrs. Napier’s Students

I have a wide range of students with varying speech and language deficits. I can target speech error sounds, sentence structure, fluency, and reading comprehension all in one therapy session with the use of books. The books that I am requesting will also target teaching language concepts such as: similes, metaphors, idioms, pronouns, prepositions, antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. I am also requesting bookshelves in order to display these books in my classroom. The book shelf and rack will give me a place to store the books. I will use the books daily in my speech therapy sessions.

Wiggle and Squirm…We Want to Learn: A Project for Mrs. Wood’s Students

Walk into any classroom and you will immediately notice a wide range of behaviors. Students learn in multiple ways…some need constant movement (Balance Ball, Wobble Cushion), others need to fidget (pencil toppers), or fidget toys to focus on one item to minimize distraction in an effort to concentrate on what the teacher is saying.

These items will increase students time and participation in the general education classroom.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug: A Project for Mrs. Hodges’s Students

Rugs produce a comfortable place for teachers and young students to expand their learning space. My students will use the carpet for a variety of learning activities. It will be an excellent quiet reading spot and a place on which we can do many reading and math activities using manipulatives. Circle time is a routine part of the learning day in our classroom. A classroom rug helps define the space for carpet time. It also gives the children an easy to understand place to go when they are called to the circle. The rug we are ordering has predefined squares that are great for assigned seats. Also, the children can be allowed to choose their own sets so they can sit by friends with the stipulation that they behave. This is a great strategy for positive behavioral reinforcement. It encourages the children to behave so that they can stay in their chosen seats.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to OSMO: A Project for Mrs. Fortenberry’s Students

Let’s put the interactive creativity right in the hands, literally, of students to explore with the use of an iPad! Imagine the best virtual experience with an iPad and merge it with physical play with any old flat surface…..then just add students to create a magical world of digital discovery! The OSMO Genius Kit comes with applications to explore science, math, language arts and more. Through actual play, students can experience the artificial intelligence of the gaming system by themselves or with a partner!

Learning through the Senses: A Project for Mrs. Conley’s Students

Many students need a sensory break throughout the day in order to be able to stay on task and learn during classroom instruction. When a student’s sensory need is not met they are unable to learn.

I teach resource math and reading to 15 students ranging in age from 5 to 10. It is important for me to have sensory materials available for them to use while they are in my classroom because it would enable my students to meet their sensory need while still learning.


Computers for All: A Project for Ms. Cronier’s Students 

The students in my classroom use computers everyday to research topics, create PowerPoints, write reports, watch videos, and work through online learning programs. They enjoy working with computers and are at the age where they can be taught how to use them responsibly. I am requesting Chromebooks that can be used in my classroom to allow all my students an opportunity to work on their own projects.

Providing Assistance: A Project for Mrs. Cummings’s Students

The Echo will provide great motivation for my students. Throughout every school day we use music to help us stay motivated and learn. As a teacher, it takes time out of the day to stop and play the desired or song each time. With the Echo, a student or I could give a simple voice command and our desired song or motivational phrases could be played instantly flowing into our regular routine.

A Field Trip a Day with Virtual Reality: A Project for Mrs. Cummings’s Students

Virtual reality devices will provide an opportunity for students to fill in background knowledge gaps. As a teacher, I try very hard to vividly describe and show illustrations of all of the different places that we discuss and read about. It is impossible to truly get a feeling unless you are actually there. The Google Experience Kit can help to close this gap by providing as close of an experience as you can get to the real thing.

Sensory Soothers for Learning: A Project for Mrs. McGraw’s Students

Introducing sensory devises such as handheld fidgets and cushions can help ease sensory overload and keep the students involved in the learning process. My students need outlets for their “fidgets” through hand manipulatives like tangles and other sensory items. These can be used by all students at their tables during lessons. Some of the students would greatly benefit from cushions they can use in the reading corner and at the tables. The little bit of balance on the cushion can help with the students need to move.

A Day in the Wax Museum: A Project for Mrs. Peace’s Students

This year our second grade class will be completing a wax museum project. I would like to have a class set of Who Was and Who Is books. I also would like to have a variety of people for my students to choose from.

I Sense Some Hands-on Learning: A Project for Mrs. Seymour’s Students

Linguistic learners enjoy the dialogue associated with working with other students at the sensory table. The interpersonal learner loves working with other students. The spatial learner develops stories and scenarios for play based on the contents of the table. The logical/mathematical learner loves the sorting and classifying of materials. Depending on the materials, the naturalist can even be engaged by a shell collection or different types of rocks added to a sensory table. The sensory table work can be aligned to Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards, address learning profiles, interests and readiness levels of students.

TALK to ME: A Project for Mrs. Sherman’s Students

My students are non verbal or have limited speech. They also have limited motor skills and attention spans. I pads allow them to communicate by pointing at icons and having the I pad talk for them. The interactive manner of the I pad allows them to practice new skills and keep them engaged.

iPads Put Music in the Hands of Everyone: A Project for Mr. Twilbeck’s Students

The requested iPad will be used to run several digital musical instruments that will provide students with a performance opportunity at a professional level regardless of their physical, social, or musical maturity. Assistive music technology tools are incredible performance devices that can provide methods for children of any level to perform with their peers. Unfortunately, these devices are limited by the computing power of older devices. The materials being requested will allow up to 6 students the ability to perform at the same time using a single device. This is a tremendous increase from our present option of only one performer.

Technology for Tomorrow: A Project for Mrs. Warrick’s Students

Many of our students do not have access to technology at home or within our community. Access to technology will help prepare my students for higher education and will provide a life-line to resources outside our community. A Chromebook is a valuable tool which can reshape curriculum, reinforce concepts, and address gaps in language skills. It will allow me the opportunity to provide essential skills in the area of technology to all of my students.

Interested in the projects at other schools in our district?

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