Oak Park Elementary Donors Choose Projects

Are you interested in helping fund projects that will benefit students at Oak Park Elementary in Ocean Springs, Mississippi?  Below you will find projects up for funding through DonorsChooose.org.

Learn Together, Grow Together…Engaging Students Through Stem: A Project for Mrs. Foreman’s Students

STEM education focuses on a student-centered learning environment. These STEM kits will engage students in problem solving, critical thinking and questioning while collaborating with their peers. My students will have an all-hands-on approach to science, technology, engineering, and math.

They are STEM investigators, eager to question and invent. Beginning STEM in early education, will help change the belief among students that math and science are the “difficult” subjects. With your generous donations, I can provide my students with the tools needed to use their minds and hands to investigate, build, collaborate, and MOST of all, have fun through STEM!

Longing Little Listeners Looking for Listening Center: A Project for Mrs. Davis’s Students

Children take great pleasure in listening to stories. Hearing a book read on tape helps children see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. It helps them focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading.

Help Me to Speak More Clearly: A Project for Mrs. Johnston’s Students

Speech Buddies are a set of tools specifically designed to help the student achieve the correct placement of their tongue when producing certain speech sounds. There is a tool for 5 of the more difficult sounds that we (my students and myself) work on daily to facilitate clearer speech; helping my students be a more effective communicator in school, the home, and community.

I have been able to borrow one of these tools for a first grade student recently. He was able to achieve correct placement of a sound that he struggled with immediately. We used the tool for approximately 2 weeks; now he is making the sounds on his own and we are progressing nicely toward reaching mastery of his target sounds.

Pump Up the Volume! An Audio Listening Center: A Project for Mrs. Howell’s Students

Students need to improve fluency to enhance their comprehension while reading. What better way to build fluency by having an audio listening center! I am kindly requesting 5 individual CD players with headphones and audio books to help build fluency and comprehension.

Find Your Place and Learn!: A Project for Mrs. Amacker’s Students

My students are engaged through Daily Five centers. The centers give my students the ability to make smart choices. The Daily Five center choices are to work on computers, listen to books, read books, and work on writing and word work all which are integrated into our curriculum.

The classroom setup will allow my students to take ownership of their choices. The rug and flexible seating will allow my students to choose where they learn best. The listening center will provide my students the ability to work on their level and at their individual pace, all while building successful independent learners.

Busy Hands = Happy Minds: A Project for Ms. Williams’s Students

My students require hands on learning through play to promote not only a love of learning, but a love for themselves. Children with developmental delays learn differently than typically developing children. I want to close that gap!

Hands-on and Engaged: A Project for Mrs. Oliphant’s Students

Post-its are great for graphic organizers and collaborative learning. Clipboards allow for movement and flexible seating around the room. Local printers allow for printing and the efficiency of lessons and accessibility to materials.

Hands-on manipulatives, such as the ones listed above, are exactly what we need to kick start the idea. So many of these materials are versatile, making the possibilities virtually endless. They can be used in math, language arts, science, and social studies. This not only opens the doors for all subjects, but also allows the teacher to integrate all 4 together. This is so important for that deeper understanding and higher thinking skills.

“Anchored” in Excellence: A Project for Mrs. Davis’s Students

Each day our classroom comes together on the carpet and completes anchor charts together to use throughout our weekly lessons.

Our classroom currently does not have anything to hold up our paper while we are writing on them. I have to tape them on the wall next to the carpet area. This is very difficult and keeps us from interacting throughout the lesson.

Flexible Seating Spots: A Project for Mrs. Howell’s Students

The Backpatter’s seat and Soft & Safe Tree Seats would be an asset to my classroom. These seating options would give students opportunities to make seating choices of their own.

These options give students the flexibility of moving around our classroom and a chance to make appropriate choices for a positive learning experience.

iCan Discover and Learn in Kindergarten: A Project for Mrs. Dudte’s Students

Kindergarten students are eager to explore. They love learning and discovering the world around them. The foundation of kindergarten is based on concrete learning through play and exploration. The materials requested will help students explore the areas of technology, math, language arts, science and dramatic play. I am requesting an Apple iPod Nano and CD /Cassette Player with Bluetooth which will help to facilitate a multisensory learning experience and energize learning activities. The technology resources will promote mental, physical and emotional growth. I am requesting math materials that will focus on counting, addition, subtraction, and number recognition. The rekenreks will be perfect for hands-on math activities. The rekenreks will help to introduce students to counting to 20, comparing numbers, decomposing numbers, addition and subtraction. I am requesting language arts materials that will promote letter and sound identification, word building and sound substitutions. The Wind Tunnel Discovery Center will help to develop skills in making observations, exploring cause and effect, and testing predictions. I am requesting materials that will help encourage dramatic play and involvement through the use of tactile manipulatives. The areas of technology, math, science, language arts and dramatic play will be enhanced by hands-on centers, exploration and physical activity.

Grab a Book and Grab a Seat: A Project for Mrs. Everitt’s Students

While my classroom may be too small for recliners, these pillows will offer my students the ability to curl up with a good book and listen to it for increased comprehension of higher-level texts. The individual cd players will allow my students to have access to their own equipment and they will not have to wait for a peer to finish before starting their book. The alternative seating and independent listening center materials will create an atmosphere of calm and quiet so that all students can be successful, no matter what literacy activity they may be participating in.

Sensing Good Things Headed Our Way: A Project for Mrs. Kober’s Students

Light covers instantly make the classroom a much calmer environment and less stimulating. Pressure vests give students a sense of calm and spatial awareness. Chewelry gives students an appropriate oral stimulation as opposed to chewing on clothing. My students desperately need help with processing their environment! Provided with the proper tools, they can learn calming techniques and that’s when the real learning can take place!

Exploring a World of Words: Dictionary Digs and Skills Excavations: A Project for Mrs. Caviness’s Students

Each day, students in my classroom work on building word knowledge. Students will use child-centered dictionaries to find vocabulary words and spelling words and break down the meaning of each word. Students will expand their knowledge base related to each given word.

They will dig further into the dictionary as the year progresses and the students will “excavate” the knowledge they learn from the dictionary! They will apply it to their work and their daily writing!

The Nonfiction Nook: Building Background Knowledge Through Facts and Details: A Project for Mrs. Caviness’s Students

My students come to school with a beginning foundation of fact and detail knowledge related to our world. It is my goal to build upon that baseline and immerse my students in facts and details all year long. I will use these Gail Gibbons nonfiction books to enhance my units throughout the year and I will increase student knowledge and interest in subject areas throughout the curriculum.

Students will expand their knowledge base through facts and details shared in these exciting Gail Gibbons nonfiction books!

Sensational Second Grade Sciences: A Project for Ms. Rutherford’s Students

The books about the moon and our solar system will get my students to look up at our night sky and start to understand our universe! Will they be our next astronauts?

Reading about penguins in Antarctica! Do we have future biologists or geologists in this class!

These books will spark the imagination of my students!!

Grab a Seat and Love Learning: A Project for Mrs. Nichols’s Class

My students are unique, creative, full of life little people who love to learn in a comfortable, cozy and exciting environment. They need to be able to move around and experience the lessons in different, more welcoming ways. I use an educational management program called the Daily Five where students are able to work at their own pace and within their own instructional levels to reach their full potential. The flexible seating, rug, and organizational materials I’m hoping to add to our classroom will encourage my students’ independence and ownership of learning. They will be able to complete their work in different areas of the room while keeping the materials organized so their peers are able to move comfortably through the same work stations. Research says when a child is able to teach someone else what they have learned, then they have mastered the information or skill they are seeking to understand. My vision is to encourage this peer tutoring and assistance in an environment where students are able to manipulate their classroom materials easily and are then able to store those materials to continue to make the best use of the space available for learning.

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