Ocean Springs High School Donors Choose Projects

Are you interested in helping fund projects that will benefit students at Ocean Springs High School?  Below you will find projects up for funding through DonorsChoose.org.

Taking a Tour of College Options: A Project by Mrs. Bailey

Through this grant, we plan to take our junior self identified first generation students to tour a community college and a university in our area. Data states that by touring a college campus, students have a higher chance of enrolling. Students are able to ask questions in person, get a feel for the environment, and experience a true college campus.

Reading Opens Doors to Different World: A Project for Mrs. Absher’s Students

My students need two Chromebooks to take them beyond the walls of our classroom as we study and read about different countries, communities, and cultures.

Chromebooks as Catalysts: A project by Mrs. Blackwell

We have several reasons our students need more technology. Students who take advantage of our computers are students who do not have the resources at home. There are also students who enjoy utilizing every moment to attain more knowledge. Plus, our students are assigned online homework that they must complete daily using computers.

Visualizing the Concepts: A Project for Mrs. Taylor’s Students

The TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculators will help students visualize concepts clearly and make faster, stronger connections between equations, data, and graphs in full color. This will provide them with a visual picture of the concepts that they are learning and will deepen their understanding of how math relates to the world around them. It will also help prepare them for their future math courses, college and future careers. Each student has their own learning style and having these tools will help serve the individual needs of each student. These calculators are also very versatile, serving student needs from basic math all the way to Calculus and Statistics.

Making Something out of Nothing: A Project for Mrs. Kohler’s Students

My students learn about the design process, and they create 3-D models using CAD software in designing a new product of their choice. But all of this is on computers on a 2-dimensional screen. But, if they could print and keep their 3-D models it would mean so much more to them since they could feel it and touch it. After they create their product using Google Sketch-Up they will create a 3-D print of it to be displayed and brought home. Hopefully this will be the “spark” they need to ignite a creative flame within them. This will also help them become more interested in the subject and remain better engaged in classroom learning.

Lights, Camera, Action!: A Project for Mrs. Conerly’s Students | FUNDED!!!

These future journalists need microphones to film stories in our schools, community, sporting events, banquets, and much more.

Science Education Enhanced Through Technology: A Project for Ms. Gregg’s Students

Many of my students struggle with their ability to stay focused, and on task. By creating interactive, technology driven lessons that the students can take part in and remain engaged, I will be able to build upon their strengths and bridge deficits.

Chromebooks for Our Future Teachers: A Project for Mrs. Freeland’s Students

The students do a lot of research on what it takes to be the best and most effective teacher. Since we are teaching and learning in the digital age, the chromebooks could further increase my students’ knowledge of education and better enable them to explore all areas in the field of education in order to make the right career decision.

Eggspert Leads to Expert: A Project for Mrs. Quave’s Students

The Eggspert game system adds some fun when reviewing curriculum concepts. Each student will have the opportunity, either alone or in a group, to “buzz in” with the correct answer. Students love learning through play, and this game system will help reach all students as they prepare for assessments.

It’s My Turn to Go to the Board: A Project for Mr. Brennan’s Students | FUNDED!!!

Many of my kids have been challenged by math in the past, but are still eager to learn. They come from very diverse cultural backgrounds. Many differentiated ways of learning have been tried by past teachers with some success.

Having tutored students after school last year using the board, I found significant success. My kids have told me that they haven’t been to the board much in the past. They absolutely love going to the board and “teaching” the class or getting peer tutoring as well.

Let’s Be a Chatterbox: A Project for Mrs. McMahon’s Students

My students will utilize the iPad for communication in many ways. To begin, there are many apps recommended for nonverbal students such as Proloquo that have shown to be beneficial to them. Also, some of my students, with communication issues, socially are able to use the tablet to video themselves and incorporate it into role playing with social situations. Some of my students have difficulty with expressing themselves in writing, and the accessibility features will allow those students to speak into different apps so they may communicate in that way as well.

Technological Times: A Project for Mrs. Quave’s Students

The majority of written communication today is done electronically, yet not every student has access to a laptop to use with their academic written compositions. It is my goal to obtain a class set of laptops, so I can teach my students how to use document sharing and publishing software. Students will also type all compositions on a laptop. Research based rhetorical essays are essential to developing critical thinking skills and evaluating credible source material, and a laptop must be used in this process.If students can develop proficient writing and communication skills within my English class, these skills will also improve their performance in other classes.

How to Save a Life: A Project for Dr. Dalgo’s Students

We would like to make a difference in our school by helping other students become prepared to respond in the event that CPR is ever needed. My health science students love to teach!

Chromebook Necessity: A Project for Mrs. Hase’s Class

So many students have wrong impression about history. They think that you just read a boring book about things from the past that do not relate to them. I want to bring more research and technology in the classroom with Chromebooks to allow students the opportunity to investigate the past and connect what they have learned to present day. If students are given the opportunity to use technology in history, they will have a better understanding and appreciation of the past and hopefully see how learning the past can help them comprehend the present and to also make better decisions for our future.

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