Ocean Springs Middle School Donors Choose Projects

Are you interested in helping fund projects that will benefit students at Ocean Springs Middle School in Ocean Springs, Mississippi?  Below you will find projects up for funding through DonorsChoose.org.

Sound Proofing, Steady Beats, and Superior Standards! Oh, My: A project for Mrs. Jackson’s Students

Back in 2012, the OSSD moved the 6th grade into an Upper Elementary, splitting our band program across district to make for a total of three separate programs. Since then, we’ve been constantly working to make sure each school has the proper equipment to make band happen – from ordering metronomes for each class, dividing a limited instrument inventory across two schools, and making sure we have enough chairs to accommodate over 700 students 6-12th grade. For now we’re trying to add a few more metronomes, sound-proofing materials for our classrooms, and a class set of advanced method books for our thriving musicians!

History: Checking Facts While Changing the World: A Project for Mr. Lott’s Students

Students will research European explorers and design a presentation using Google slides that demonstrates how one explorer has made a lasting impact on the culture on the state of Mississippi. Acting as the explorer, students will create a pitch to the King/Queen of their respected countries, asking for funding for their historical voyage. Throughout this project and many more during the year, students will create these presentations and webquests using our new Chromebooks. They will not only learn about history, but they will delve deeper into history for a better understanding of our past, how it happened, why it happened, and whom was impacted. This will help make history come alive for my students for a more active classroom and learning experience.

Chromebooks for Autism: A Project for Mrs. Reidy’s Students

Students on the autism spectrum are ones who do not like to write due to their perfectionist mindset. Most of the time they prefer to type their assignments, but do not have access to the proper technology. The computers I have available to my students are outdated, bulky, and run slow. Many of my students would be more successful with educational apps available to them on the chrome books to help close the gaps of their actual and performance levels. With your donation my students would be able to take the chrome books to class and be more successful in the general education classrooms.

BYODevice, or Use Ours: A Project for Mrs. Scott’s Students

I am a middle school foreign language teacher. My students are excited for me to bring the world of language learning to them. Although I am a veteran teacher, I realize that my students enjoy the kinds of technology in the classroom that they are used to at home. Not all of my students can afford a mobile device or a tablet to bring to class for Bring Your Own Device Day.

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