Pecan Park Elementary Donors Choose Projects

Are you interested in helping fund projects that will benefit students at Pecan Park Elementary in Ocean Springs, Mississippi?  Below you will find projects up for funding through

Time to Put Some Bling in Our Classroom!: A Project for Mrs. Grafton’s Students

Following some of the educational technology leaders and my own experience implementing, teaching, and presenting internet based curriculum for third grade, the most important aspect is to create a web 2.0 environment (sharing, sharing, sharing) where students will “own the learning”.

Another great feature about Chromebooks, is that since everything is in the cloud, if a student loses or breaks a device, they can just boot up a new one without losing their document!

Learning with Technology is a Splendid Thing to Do!: A Project for Mrs. Nelson’s Students

If our project gets funded my students will enter a whole new world with this exciting technology of Chromebooks! Students will be able to work on google documents, take test online, and so much more! In today’s world most test are given online in our adult life, so why not let students start to experience at a younger age. This would allow them to connect with internet programs that are appropriate for their age. I plan on continuing to build our Chromebook library so that every student can have individual ones, but this project would allow for some awesome small group instruction

Chrome Book Centers: A Project for Mrs. Dahl’s Students

Modern technology will allow my students to explore and learn!

My students need technology to meet their learning needs. Most communication and research is done electronically, and many of our students do not have tablets or laptops at home.

One assignment they will have is to create a slideshow of a research project of an animal. This will help develop proficient writing skills as well as research skills.

Shine Bright with Chromebooks!: A Project for Mrs. Nelson’s Students

My students’ learning would benefit greatly with the addition of chromebooks in our class! Having chromebooks would allow us the opportunity to enrich our education by increasing the amount of projects we could complete using technology. Chromebooks would provide unlimited ways to teach, assess, and communicate in our classroom!

Wouldn’t it be great if every child had a chance to tell what they know without having the urge to blurt out, chromebooks can achieve that goal!

Making a 21st Century Classroom One Chromebook at a Time: A Project for Ms. Hoppner’s Students

Our students are divided into small groups for learning centers. We can use the Chromebooks during these times for remediation, independent reading and math centers. These 3 Chromebooks will give students more access to technology in the classroom. Our students are in desperate need of more computers in the classroom to give them more opportunities to have access to technology. At this time, our classrooms are overcrowded with students and we do not have enough computers for our students to share for each student to use every day. These Chromebooks will make a big difference in our student’s lives and give them the experience they need to excel in the classroom.

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